Accessible & Affordable Resources for Grieving Children
Death happens every day.
Where can all grieving families and children go for accessible and affordable resources?
No more wondering!

Feel Better, Bear™ offers a variety of products to help children & teens cope with the numerous variables of a grief journey. Feel Better, Bear™ is your go-to brand for quality, reliable and useful children’s grief relief and support products.

Our Mission & Goals
Heal Healthy!
The Feel Better, Bear Brand family is making significant contributions to children’s grief support efforts by creating an emotionally connected environment that shifts the way our culture confronts death. With an exclusive licensing arrangement with a familiar and trusted national retailer, the Feel Better, Bear Children’s Grief Support Brand will become a visible commodity in society, helping millions of children and families across America learn to cope with loss and grief.

We welcome & invite your questions, inquiries and offers. Please contact us for more information about the Feel Better, Bear Children’s Grief Support initiative AND make a genuine difference in the world.
Engage Communities
The Feel Better, Bear™company core is to cultivate industry standards for grief support by providing validation and offering fundamental exercises and activities coupled with coping skill methods to help relieve the pain and confusion one can encounter from the loss of a spouse, child or loved one.
Enable Children
How does Feel Better, Bear™ help children and teens?

  • Provides comfort after a loss
  • Helps children express their feelings
  • Promotes useful coping skills
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • The plush is cuddly, lovable and has a back pocket for mementos.
Empower Parents
Offering options for parents struggling to help their kids cope with a death.

The Feel Better, Bear™ brand will offer a fundamental and standard, graduated product line of essential support tools for ages 2 to teens.